Transmissions: The Interlude

Welcome to 2022. 
We made it. Happy New Year.

It's been a while. Hi. 

Meteor took a bit of a hiatus for the tail end of that rollercoaster called 2021. Mainly due to my ending one major milestone with COVID and kicking off the next with major surgery. I was hogging all the fun.

The storefront was still up and running for all your geeky, adventury needs but there was a serious communications blip for the last few months. That's all on me. The whole recovery thing. Trying to get healthy and sorting out what Meteor's 2022 would look like once I clicked off autopilot and jumped back in the pilot seat.

This is me on vacation, just before everything hit the fan. I'm having fun. I promise

Meteor's 5-year drop had to be postponed. Both new products and the first IRL Meteor event to kick it all off. That sucked. But now that I'm back in planning mode...I can honestly say, the wait will be worth it. 

Be on the lookout for announcements for all the upcoming 5-year drop news as that'll be popping up soon. 

Until then, I've been hoarding some awesome things to share via the Meteor Transmissions blog. Those will blast off again later this month. 

Also, our monthly giveaway will be re-launching starting next week. Get ready.

I can't believe it's been 5 years already. I'm looking forward to what the next 5 holds. As a thank you for your continued support, I'm launching one of our very rare sales.

For the next week only, use promo code 2022 for 22% off
your next Meteor purchase. Enjoy!

Thanks again for hanging out with me for another issue of Transmissions. Issue 008 is right around the corner. My fingers are itching to pull the trigger on it. But we'll both have to wait just a bit longer.

For past issues of Transmissions, you can go here. As always, if you have something that you think the Meteor community would appreciate, send ideas my way.

Michael Morris
Owner and Chief Creative