Transmissions 001

For the past year, we've all been searching for things to help keep us sane. Things that provide normality amidst the chaos. Experiences that "spark joy" during this overly stressful season.

During my search for the same, I ran into this quote from Albert Einstien:

“Try not to become a man of success, but rather try to become a man of value.”

How I can bring more to the Meteor community has been rattling around my brain a lot lately. Not only in terms of new products but more importantly, of value. 

Einstein's quote brought it home for me, so I'm starting something new: Meteor Transmissions. 

This will be a space where we can discover new things together. It could be books, LEGO (there will definitely be LEGO), music, comics, or any number of things that have eased the craziness of the last year. Helping us feel like healthier human beings. 

So without further adieu, let's dig into some cool things out in the world.

LEGO has been a huge part of my life

But there was a large chunk of time that they took a back seat to everything else going on. As a parent, they came back in a big way when the kids were old enough.

This past year I finally got back into building for myself. It doesn't (does?) help that LEGO has ratcheted up that advertising directly to adults thing by quite a few notches.

I don't think anyone is surprised that the guy making all this space-themed clothing fell in love with LEGO's NASA-themed space sets. Case in point:

When LEGO announced the NASA Space Shuttle Discovery set I was blown away. The more I saw about it, the more I knew I needed to have it. Having spent the time building it...big surprise, I was right. It's terrific. The final build puts a smile on my face every time I walk into the office. 

I recently listened to an interview with Jon Acuff where he explained why he loves LEGO so much. As a writer and public speaker, there is no roadmap for his career. That can be extremely stressful.

I'm not sure about you, but experiencing this past "Year of No Road Maps", I can relate.

The cool thing about LEGOs, he said, was that they provided a clear road map to a goal. You also get something cool for your shelf, and a healthy sense of accomplishment to boot.

Hearing that from someone else, clarified why I fell back in love with building LEGOs for myself. For all of Jon's reasons, plus it doesn’t hurt that they have amazing sets that dovetail nicely with my work with Meteor.

What are your favorite types of LEGOs?

House of X/Powers of X

I have been a fan of the X-Men for as long as I've known about them. It was a fateful night at Pizza Hut with my family. I was there getting my free Book-It pizza award, and they had a promo for the X-Men animated series. You got a comic book and VHS of the first two episodes! It's been true love ever since. 

As with any long-term relationship, there have been ups and downs. Good runs and bad. Classic stories and not so classic. Everyone has their favorite writers and artists from the decades of X-Men stories.

House of X / Powers of X (affectionately referred to as HOX/POX) is easily one of my favorite X-Men stories to date. I've been a Jonathan Hickman since discovering his work. (Just like LEGOs making regular appearances here in Transmissions, this will not be the last Hickman book I'll be talking about). The scope of his storytelling has always floored me, both in its giant ideas, and also how far-reaching his stories are planned out. 

Thanks to him and the HOX/POX team, the X-Men are un-put-down-able again. I knew I would like whatever he did with the X-Men based on my love of his runs on Secret Warriors, Fantastic Four, and Avengers. My brain just wasn't ready for how much I was going to enjoy the ride he took us all on. Or how much fun the continuing stories spilling out of it would be.

The collected edition of HOX/POX is a wonderful piece of publishing. It perfectly showcases the talent of Pepe Larraz, R.B.Silva, and Marte Gracia. Artists who are obviously at the top of their game for this run.

As a graphic designer, though, one of my favorite things about this revamp of the entire X-Men line of books is seeing more work from designer, Tom Muller. While his direction for logos and title pages is show-stopping, the infographic pages he worked on with Hickman are just the best. Such a fantastic way to sneak in some extra world-building as well as provide an excellent contrast to the work from the illustrative artists.

If you are looking for sci-fi with some "blow-your-mind" ideas, some fantastic art, or you just need an entry point to dig back into the X-Men, consider it found.

Give Easy a listen

Last but not least is music. Nothing soothes the soul better than a piece of music that speaks (sings?) to you. It's played a huge part in keeping me sane over the past year or so, couped up in the office. 

While I wouldn't immediately classify Son Lux's music as "soothing" - this performance just keeps me coming back. "Easy" has always been one of my go-to Son Lux tracks, but there's something about this version with the full orchestra, Woodkid's super-deep vocals, and the stage design that takes it to a very different place. A place I can't seem to get enough of. If you haven't heard it yet, expand your musical horizons and give it a try. 

Thank you for joining me on our first foray into Transmissions. There's so much more to come. If you have anything that you think would be fun to cover in Transmissions, send ideas my way.


Michael Morris
Founder and Chief Creative